A Few Words About Comments

Apparently there are people who seem to have little to do in life beyond leaving negative comments on blogs that they disagree with. Their thinking is that anything on the Internet is “public property” and they have a “First Amendment” right to say whatever they want to say on any blog that allows comments.

If that is your thinking, then let me put that idea to rest. The Confederate Colonel blog is not a place for debate or argument. It is not a forum for those who oppose our ideals. Just as the decision of who you allow into your home is yours and yours alone, the decision to publish or “trash” a comment – or add it to the “Hate Mail” page – is mine alone. If you want to ridicule and attack what you see here, help yourself – there are plenty of places on the web where you can do that. This is not one of those places. You can start your own blog to show the world just how backward and un-progressive and mean and hateful and racist and misogynist we are here. Just don’t expect me to provide a platform for you, and don’t be surprised if I have better things to do than to get into arguments and debates.

We have a very specific purpose for being here, as described on the About page. Dealing with those who oppose what we stand for is not why we’re here. I will, however, grant that those folks have had some success here recently. I have allowed myself to get sucked into doing more than just deleting such comments. I’ll try not to let that happen again.

For those who get a thrill out of posting comments that attack traditional Western culture, Southern culture, Southern heritage, The Old South, or even me, the phrase “get a life” comes to mind.