Hate Mail

There are plenty of Post Comments and emails that we receive that are tossed into the trash without reply. Rather than polluting the pages of Confederate Colonel with Leftist hate mail, or simply ignoring it as I have been doing, I decided to include some of them here. Sometimes it is helpful to remember that there really are people like this out there. There is no room for compromise with some folks. In those cases, it becomes a struggle for domination in which there are no second place winners; we intend to win.

I like the part where nobody writing on this blog pretends they aren’t a huge racist. Especially when you listen to the Political Cesspool and consider Abolitionist a dirty word. Well played, racist people. I hope you are enjoying watching all of your values, dying and abandoned by right (Well, left) thinking modern people.

I eagerly anticipate the day your Neo-Confederate patrician racist self ceases respiration.


You should secceed. Do it right now. Make sure you tell the President. I’d like to see how he responds. Ideally, the way Lincoln did.
I can understand your objections to Universal Suffrage. If slaves could vote they might vote themselves out of slavery! God forbid!
(some words of wisdom from “Charlie D”)

You’re scared and thats ok. Your worldview is “trash”!

You have a sad life im sure so you have to look in the past to find anything of worth.

The Confederate Govt. was the first Govt. to set up a wellfare state because thier women rioted.

You are a little, stupid man. Bye.!!!

Ps Get out of the South for a while and check all of the USA, its a great country!!! Talk to some black people too, you might learn something,.


Anyone who refers to opposition to the Confederate battle flag as “Cultural Marxism” is a far right extremist who knows nothing about politics.
[comment by Stephen Clay McGehee – “knows nothing about politics”? – those who know something about my background will find that amusing.]

You idiot!

(this one sent by “tosh” in reply to the Anthony Johnson Story post. Not surprisingly, this was sent from a Verizon account in New York City.)

Hi Stephen,
You are extremely cocky and racist. You are out of your mind. To think that black americans should be happy to have had ancestors once held as slaves is beyond my imagination. You have lost your senses. I am not concerned with your status as VP of a non for profit company, not do I care that your grandfather may have treated his slave with humanity. The fact of the matter remains that slavery was cruel, unjust and unfit for any human being. You ought to be ashamed for yourself. Drop your pride and bow down. You are no better than the African race

[comment by Stephen Clay McGehee – This bit of hate mail does a great job of illustrating the egalitarian’s view that there can be no compromise. It matters not what concrete things I do, nor what my ancestors have done. The fact that Blacks in America today are far better off than if their ancestors had remained in Africa is viewed as a monstrous evil by those who clearly know nothing of the reality of life in Africa. They will accept nothing short of obsequious total surrender of our heritage – of who we are. Until we follow their footsteps and trample and spit upon our heritage, disavow the White race, and purge the knowledge of the accomplishments of our European ancestors, we will continue to be labeled as deviant “racists”. I, for one, have concluded that if they are going to make compromise and coexistence impossible, then my only choice is to stand and fight. No, “tosh”, I will not do like far too many Whites have done and follow your demand to “Drop your pride and bow down.” I will not turn my back on what I know is right; I will not turn my back on God; I will not try to compromise and coexist with those who would destroy me and my family and my people.

When good men are faced with no choice but to lie and betray all that is good and right – or stand and fight, you and your kind have turned away those who tried to be good neighbors and turned us into your adversaries. The Southern gentleman does his best to “live and let live,” but when given no option but to stand and fight, he will do just that because it is the right thing to do.]