We used to celebrate holidays as a way to commemorate those people and events that make us who we are. Today, it seems that holidays are invented merely to bolster the egos of those in political favor. It certainly was not always that way.

The Southern States designated specific holidays to remember those who sacrificed all to defend their native land. Most of the Confederate holidays are now all but forgotten. It doesn’t have to be that way. Just because politicians refuse to recognize Confederate Memorial Day or Jefferson Davis’ birthday doesn’t mean The South has forgotten.

Mark your calendar and make the Confederate holidays a part of your life. Fly the Confederate flag of your choice; plan a dinner with your fellow Southerners; educate a new generation.

January 19 Robert E. Lee Birthday – Confederate Heroes Day (TX)
January 21 Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson Birthday
February 22 Founding of the C.S.A. / Jefferson Davis inaugurated
March 4 Confederate Flag Day
March 27 Confederate Day of Prayer, designated by President Jefferson Davis in 1863 as a day of “fasting, humiliation, and prayer” in the Confederate States
April 26 Confederate Memorial Day in AL, FL, GA, MS
May 10 Confederate Memorial Day in NC, SC 

“Stonewall” Jackson died

May 30 Confederate Memorial Day in VA
June 3 Confederate Memorial Day in KY, LA, TN 

Jefferson Davis Birthday

October 12 Robert E. Lee died
December 6 Jefferson Davis died