Good Guys Don’t Always Win

The Western Rifle Shooters Association blog has a post titled Lessons from Lithuania, Part 1. The entire piece is excellent and should be required reading for anyone concerned with the direction the world seems to be heading. There is, however, one quote that really stuck in my mind, and it is something that absolutely applies to the broad picture of the War for Southern Independence.

Speaking of those who survived the murderous reigns of Nazi and Soviet occupation of Lithuania:

Each of them knows the single biggest lesson from Lithuania: Naked, brute force can and does triumph over kindness, love of kin and country, and simple human decency — often for decades or more.

History books are always written by the victors, and they will always portray themselves as “the good guys” who triumphed over “the bad guys”. It has seldom been seen so clearly as it is with the slandering of Southern culture and heritage. We have a duty – a moral obligation – to protect and defend the honor of those who came before us. No, they were not perfect; they were sinful men just like every man since Adam. They were, however, fighting for that which is good, that which is pure, and that which is decent. They fought to maintain the Constitutional Republic which was formed by the Founding Fathers. As Jefferson Davis put it, “I love the Union and the Constitution, but I would rather leave the Union with the Constitution than remain in the Union without it.”

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