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The Cultural Destruction of England

The forces that are working to destroy Southern culture are certainly not unique in the world. Similar attacks on nations and cultures have been happening in many places that were once solidly Western European culture. The BBC broadcast a documentary … Continue reading

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Mapping the Demographics of Change

A point that we’ve made here several times in the past is that changes in demographics mean changes in the culture – massive changes. The steep decline began to really take off following the Immigration Act of 1965 and other … Continue reading

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Freedom in the 50 States

  Compare the “Freedom Index” of the Southern states to that of those states that invaded The South. Even after 150 years, the Northern states are still in the business of oppressing people. Frankly, I am surprised to see this … Continue reading

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The Scottish – Southern Connection

The genetic and cultural connection between Scotland and The South is well established. Here is a rather comprehensive article on the subject that was prompted by the creation of a Southern Memorial tartan. My own opinion is that the Scottish … Continue reading

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Demographics and Culture

Of the many factors that affect a culture, demographics is one of the most powerful – and the most difficult to change without political power. This video is focused on the demographics of Islam in the world, but it applies … Continue reading

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