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Agrarian Societies and the Common Core Curriculum

Bill Whittle, of PJTV, makes an interesting point that tied the change from an agrarian society to an industrial society with the change from traditional education to the Common Core Curriculum. In this video, he points out that government tends … Continue reading

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Opportunity in America – The Trayvon Martin Case Part 2

On March 25, 2012, I wrote a post entitled Mob Rule in America – The Trayvon Martin Case, and have not mentioned it here since that time. With last night’s “Not Guilty” verdict for Mr. Zimmerman, now is the time … Continue reading

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Leaving The American Sector

Checkpoint Charlie was “ground zero” of the Cold War. On one side was the Western culture known everywhere as “America”. On the other side was the world of razor wire and gun towers, grey concrete buildings, and the complete repression … Continue reading

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Secession – Act 3

The first act of this play being secession from England. The second act being the secession of the Confederate states in 1861. The third act… More posts on secession. Molotov Mitchell is president of the award-winning Illuminati Pictures. His specialty … Continue reading

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Don’t Blame Romney – Commentary from The Hay Ride

We will get back to the topics that Confederate Colonel was founded on – the culture of the Southern Gentleman and how to pass it on to succeeding generations – in the next day or so. In the mean time, … Continue reading

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Understanding The Rules of Power

In a previous post, I stated flatly that I would not be voting for Romney, but instead would be voting for the Constitution Party candidate because that is who more closely represents my beliefs. The question that guided my decision … Continue reading

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Election Choices – Right, Wrong, or Expedient

I will not be voting for Mitt Romney. That statement has lead to several rather passionate discussions from friends and relatives who are well-informed and truly want to do the right thing, and I respect and appreciate their efforts. That, … Continue reading

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What Does Tolerance Mean?

The Mad Monarchist blog is a part of my regular reading. Its masthead says, “They cannot understand as yet that we are not fighting a political party but a sect of murderers of all contemporary culture” – a statement that … Continue reading

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The Cultural Destruction of England

The forces that are working to destroy Southern culture are certainly not unique in the world. Similar attacks on nations and cultures have been happening in many places that were once solidly Western European culture. The BBC broadcast a documentary … Continue reading

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Romney on The Confederate Flag

While I would not advocate making the display of Confederate symbols into a national campaign issue, it is a very clear indication of how one views the people of The South, Southern heritage, and Southern culture. While Barack Hussein Obama … Continue reading

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