Don’t Blame Romney – Commentary from The Hay Ride

We will get back to the topics that Confederate Colonel was founded on – the culture of the Southern Gentleman and how to pass it on to succeeding generations – in the next day or so. In the mean time, we have just experienced one of the saddest examples of the decline of a culture – and a civilization – ever seen. The decline of the culture and civility is at the very core of Confederate Colonel.

Don’t Blame Romney, And Don’t Blame The Campaign is the title of an excellent post at The Hay Ride blog. I started to pull out some key quotes, but I ended up quoting nearly the entire article before deciding to limit it to only three paragraphs. Please take a moment to read the original article.

The current iteration of the Democrat Party is socialist to the core. It isn’t amoral, it’s deliberately immoral. It believes in government-sponsored infanticide, government-sponsored theft, unpatrolled borders, the destruction of the 2nd Amendment, the deliberate destruction of Pax Americana in favor of what can only be envisioned as the rise of a Muslim caliphate and the deliberate destruction of the nuclear family. It believes in the redistribution of wealth rather than its creation, which is perhaps the most offensive concept to the American economic ideal imaginable.
In four years we will not recognize our country. In four years we will be without any illusions about the fact that we are in an economic depression. And in four years we will have a war – because war typically follows depression.
Half the country voted against this future. But the other half didn’t. And because, given that choice, they opted for decline and the loss of individual responsibility and freedom.

H/T to Richard G. Williams of the Old Virginia blog.

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