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George Washington’s 110 Rules to live by

Amongst the papers of George Washington’s estate were found manuscripts written by Washington himself during his teens. One of these manuscripts was titled, “Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation,” a list if not written by him … Continue reading

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The importance of a Handshake

The handshake, is it a Southern thing? Since moving up to the pacific northwest about 7 months ago, I have come to notice many of the differences in the cultures and traditions between back home in the South and here. … Continue reading

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Honor, Faith and Duty

My great great Grandfather, John Newton Standerfer, was born in October of 1842 near Jonesville in Lee County, Virginia. He was the son of a farmer and Grist Mill owner. John was 19, in 1861 when he enlisted in the … Continue reading

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Southern Resolve

One small Southern coastal community is not waiting for the Federal Government to approve their plan to protect their homes, environment and bay from the coming disaster.  This community should be an example for the rest of our country. MAGNOLIA … Continue reading

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“The Vanishing Gentleman”

Here’s an article from “The Independent” Volume 86, published 1916. The article was written by Louise Collier Willcox of Norfolk, Virginia. It gives an insightful look at what a gentleman was in the early 1900’s, and also reveals what type … Continue reading

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