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Encouraging Our Daughters to Enjoy Childhood

In this day and time our children are being pushed into adulthood long before they are emotionally ready. I won’t go into the myriad reasons for this because I have no wish to start debates with people who want to … Continue reading

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Teaching Our Sons and Daughters

The way we raise our sons and daughters, and the way we influence our grandsons and granddaughters is the key to making a better world. It always has been. The Southern gentleman has many duties and obligations, but none are … Continue reading

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Southern Gentlemen Are Not Limited to The South

A question occasionally arises about the Southern gentleman and geography: Can someone be a Southern gentleman when they are not in or from The South? Is it appropriate for a non-Southerner to use and display the Confederate flag and other … Continue reading

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Not All Women Appreciate Chivalry

Not All Women Appreciate Chivalry; Only Those Worth Dying For. The Accolade, by Edmund Leighton

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Gentleman’s Guide to Opening Doors

Today’s post at the Art of Manliness blog does an excellent job of discussing opening a door for a lady. No one who reads Confederate Colonel will be the least bit surprised at the idea that a gentleman opens a … Continue reading

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The Power of Southern Women to Restore the Culture of the South

One thing that  many Southerns are not considering strongly enough, is the how we are being robbed of our future, when our children are educated in public schools. When I have suggested that we need to abandon public education, people will … Continue reading

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The Demise of The Southern Woman

In the past, Southern ladies were always looked to as an example of propriety, hospitality, and femininity. It is sad to see them losing their culture. It was a culture that led the way in manners and religion. In the … Continue reading

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