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Romney on The Confederate Flag

While I would not advocate making the display of Confederate symbols into a national campaign issue, it is a very clear indication of how one views the people of The South, Southern heritage, and Southern culture. While Barack Hussein Obama … Continue reading

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Confederate Independence Day – 150 Years of the CSA

Today, February 22, 2012, marks 150 years since the beginning of the Confederate States of America. On February 22, 1862, Jefferson Finis Davis was inaugurated as President of the Confederate States of America, having been elected to that office on … Continue reading

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Political Expediency

Watching Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry repudiate the Confederate flag is one of the least-surprising events of this election season. Changing positions, turning away from those who were once supporters, and an embarrassing amount of dishonor are all part of … Continue reading

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Today’s Price of a Slave

This CNN video clip discusses the price of purchasing a slave today. Yes, today. Despite the widely held belief that slavery started and ended with the Southern states, it has always existed, and still exists today – only at rock-bottom … Continue reading

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Respect for The Flag: We should know better – Why don’t we?

This photo is said to be from the 2011 Reunion, South Carolina Division, SCV. Now, I understand that there is some historical precedent for writing on a Confederate flag, and I am certain that this was done from a lack … Continue reading

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The North-South Divide Continues

There are those who question why we could possibly think that there is a strong anti-Southern bias in America. After all, it is 2010, and the War ended in 1865 – almost 150 years ago. “We are all one country, … Continue reading

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