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Memorial Day – Every Man Played A Part

It take an effort to get past what Memorial Day has become. Some look forward to “sales” so they can spend more money that they don’t have. Others look at it as just another paid holiday. Still others think in … Continue reading

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A Southern Gentleman is Born

No one is “born” a Southern Gentleman, but allow me a bit of liberty in this instance. I can assure you that Richard Michael will be raised to be a Southern Gentleman. Richard Michael joins his cousin, Ethan David, as … Continue reading

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Lessons from the USS Cumberland Sound

Leadership, at its most basic level, means to serve others. A good leader knows that the objective is to get the job done – not to make sure that you receive the glory. I thought about this as I put … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, 1944

The Norman Rockwell classic, Freedom From Want, speaks volumes of the bounty that we have here in America. Even the poorest of the poor here are far richer than much of the rest of the world. Obesity is a far … Continue reading

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Slavery and Secession – Another View

The Faith and Heritage blog has a fascinating review of The Road to Disunion, Volume II: Secessionists Triumphant, by William W. Freehling. So much of what I thought I knew about the period leading up to the War for Southern … Continue reading

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Voices Raised for Change

The following was first posted here on July 22, 2010. I am re-posting it after reading an article in today’s Wall Street Journal about The Singing Revolution – a documentary that is scheduled to air on PBS Saturday at 3:00 … Continue reading

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The Indentured Servant

In any discussion of slavery, it would be a good idea to include the institution of indentured service. An indenture is essentially a limited term of slavery which is entered into voluntarily and benefits both parties. This was basically the … Continue reading

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Slavery – From my Family’s Perspective

It is virtually impossible to discuss The South without the issue of slavery coming up. The usual reaction is to mutter some politically correct response that says we are ashamed of the actions of our ancestors, coupled with the obligatory … Continue reading

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In Honor of Veteran’s Day

Today, in honor of Veteran’s Day, I am posting some photos of those who came before me who fought for their country.

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So Red The Rose – a bit of family history

It is a rare opportunity to see Southern culture and history combined with one’s own family history being portrayed in a novel – and then being made into a movie, but I have that privilege. I had known that the … Continue reading

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