A Southern Gentleman is Born

Richard Michael, grandson of Stephen Clay McGehee. Born at 4:14 this morning. 7 pounds, 15 ounces. 20 1/2 inches.

No one is “born” a Southern Gentleman, but allow me a bit of liberty in this instance. I can assure you that Richard Michael will be raised to be a Southern Gentleman. Richard Michael joins his cousin, Ethan David, as our second grandson; the happy parents are Richard and Sarah. All are doing fine and are already back at home.

I am truly blessed with a wonderful family.

About Stephen Clay McGehee

Born-Again Christian, Grandfather, husband, business owner, Southerner, aspiring Southern Gentleman. Publisher of The Confederate Colonel and The Southern Agrarian blogs. President/Owner of Adjutant Workshop, Inc., Vice President - Gather The Fragments Bible Mission, Inc. (Sierra Leone, West Africa), Webmaster - Military Order of The Stars and Bars, Kentucky Colonel.
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8 Responses to A Southern Gentleman is Born

  1. Congratulations, sir! And may the Ever-Living God protect, bless, and guide this little one all the days of his life.

  2. G.F. Smith says:

    Oh wow…what a beautiful family.
    In this age of declining morals and manners, it does my heart good to realize that there are those who understand that “Southern Gentleman” is a measure of ones character and reflects so much on the individual’s family and upbringing.
    Mom and Dad as well as Grandparents have a tremendous responsibility.
    God has blessed all of you with this precious child. Congratulations!

  3. Lady Val says:

    As we Orthodox Christians say, “Many years!” to your grandson, yourself and his parents and all who love him.

  4. Toad says:

    You are truly blessed. May he and his family enjoy much happiness.

  5. Peter Kelley says:

    Came back to the keyboard this evening to some remarkably happy news. Thanks for sharing this with us, Colonel. Congratulations to the parents and God bless them as they raise this child.

    Peter Kelley
    Mountain City, TN

  6. Eric Hale says:

    Another member of our ethnos is born. God bless and congratulations!

  7. My sincere “Thank you” to all those who have wished us well. You all are truly a blessing to us. What this birth represents – on both a literal and a spiritual level – is an awesome thing to contemplate. When the future seems dark and foreboding, a new birth represents light and hope and kinship that extends well beyond the immediate family. This is the future that we work and sacrifice for because that is what those who came before us did.

    This has reminded me of the “White Privilege” post that I wrote in February 2011. I’ve decided to post that one again – as a reminder to our family of our responsibilities.

  8. Tubbs says:

    I see that your family uses real names, not plastic/faddish names. How refreshing!

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