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The Proper Use of Authority

Southern gentlemen are frequently found in positions of authority – and for good reason. The traits and character that makes one a Southern gentleman are the same traits and character that indicates that one has what it takes to handle … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts Version 3.0

The Thinking Housewife had a post titled The Boy Scouts – R.I.P. It was about their decision to allow openly homosexual males into the organization as Scouts (though not as leaders – at least not yet). While the entire post … Continue reading

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Manhood – A Hazardous Journeys video

Vision Forum Ministries has long been a favorite resource for building a Godly family and raising young men and young ladies into mature, Godly adults. The Hazardous Journeys Society is a part of Vision Forum. Our society has embraced the … Continue reading

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New Era’s Resolutions

On November 6, 2012, America entered a new era – not because B. Hussein Obama was re-elected, but because a majority of American voters now follow the cult of Marxism that he represents. If this were just another political split, … Continue reading

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Understanding The Rules of Power

In a previous post, I stated flatly that I would not be voting for Romney, but instead would be voting for the Constitution Party candidate because that is who more closely represents my beliefs. The question that guided my decision … Continue reading

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New York City Manners – 1940’s

When asked the question, “What’s wrong with this picture?” any Southern gentleman would immediately know the answer. In truth, I suspect even the men sitting down while the woman is standing also know the answer. Judging by the look on … Continue reading

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Twenty Points of Baltasar Gracián

Following on the heels of Survival Mom’s “Eight Vital Skills” is a post from the Art of Manliness blog titled “Cunning as a Serpent, Innocent as a Dove: The Art of Worldly Wisdom“. Baltasar Gracián was a 17th century Jesuit … Continue reading

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Ten Ways – from Raising Homemakers

Raising Homemakers is a great resource for all parents wanting to raise their sons into gentlemen and their daughters into ladies. It is aimed at mothers raising daughters, but there are also plenty of nuggets for those raising sons. Ten … Continue reading

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Shaping A Culture

Here at Confederate Colonel, we uphold the culture of the Old South as our ideal. We draw on the lives of men like Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson to understand what that culture was like. We look at … Continue reading

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A Southern Gentleman is Born

No one is “born” a Southern Gentleman, but allow me a bit of liberty in this instance. I can assure you that Richard Michael will be raised to be a Southern Gentleman. Richard Michael joins his cousin, Ethan David, as … Continue reading

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