Ten Ways – from Raising Homemakers

Raising Homemakers is a great resource for all parents wanting to raise their sons into gentlemen and their daughters into ladies. It is aimed at mothers raising daughters, but there are also plenty of nuggets for those raising sons.

Ten Ways to Teach Your Children a Biblical World View is just what the title says. Be sure to read the entire article, and consider making Raising Homemakers a part of your regular reading list – especially if you have daughters. The ten points are:


1.   Start at the starting point:  Read the Bible–a lot.
2.   Read literature/history texts written by authors who have a biblical worldview.
3.   Eat together at least once a day and talk about current issues around the dinner table.
4.   Watch movies that encourage conversation regarding issues/how the Bible relates to those issues.
5.   Use a course or materials specifically written to teach worldview.
6.   Consider sending your older child to a worldview camp or conference or attend one as a family
7.   Create an atmosphere in your home that honors biblical thinking.
8.   Attend a church where the Word of God is consistently, faithfully taught.
9.   As your child gets older, transfer spoon-fed biblical teaching methods to self-directed bible study
10. Choose an education that backs up what is being taught/has been taught at home.

Here at Confederate Colonel, we mainly concern ourselves with Southern culture and how to preserve and defend it against an ungodly and hostile world. There is a reason that The South is also referred to as The Bible Belt. While there have always been plenty of non-Christians in The South, even they generally understood that Southern culture is firmly rooted in The Bible. Christianity and Southern culture are inseparable.

Take full advantage of resources such as this to make sure that your family understands the precious gift of God’s grace. That understanding is not magically absorbed from parents – it must be taught. Of all the things that parents and grandparents can pass along to the next generation, the love of God is the single most important thing. The eternal fate of your family – and of all mankind – depends on it.

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2 Responses to Ten Ways – from Raising Homemakers

  1. Lady Val says:

    The family is the foundation and cornerstone of civilization. Why did the Lord choose Abram? Because He would require a human woman to be His mother and that human woman would need human parents and so for all the way back to the patriarch God chose to begin His bloodline. So since decent Christian civilization is founded upon the family – indeed EVERY decent society was and is, Christian or otherwise – what the demonic “culture” of today had to do was DESTROY the family – destroy mothers, destroy fathers, destroy the concept of an “extended” family unit which included grandparents, aunts and uncles. Once the family is no more, then children are born into a void which government wishes to fill with its own minions. This, of course, is what is happening now. We see it in the ghetto where abandoned young males find solace and support in gangs. We see it with the wealthy where overindulged offspring are given EVERYTHING – but love and nurture.

    Raising “homemakers” is a revolutionary concept in these days of the hive.

  2. Old Sea Dog says:

    Great post. How much we do need to follow these guidelines in this insane country / world we live in. God bless all.

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