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Boy Scouts Version 3.0

The Thinking Housewife had a post titled The Boy Scouts – R.I.P. It was about their decision to allow openly homosexual males into the organization as Scouts (though not as leaders – at least not yet). While the entire post … Continue reading

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Ten Ways – from Raising Homemakers

Raising Homemakers is a great resource for all parents wanting to raise their sons into gentlemen and their daughters into ladies. It is aimed at mothers raising daughters, but there are also plenty of nuggets for those raising sons. Ten … Continue reading

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Education in an Uncertain Future

I recently learned that we are expecting our second grandchild. Our first is but a few months old at this point. As the euphoria of that news begins to drift into thoughts of the future that these children may be … Continue reading

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Enclaving and Individual Secession

In a previous post, we talked about the concept of Individual Secession. From 2005 through 2008 I had a web site named The Christian Enclave. The idea behind it was essentially the same as Individual Secession – separating yourself from … Continue reading

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Individual Secession (SNC article)

The following is an article from the Southern National Congress. We don’t typically get into modern-day secession movements, but the concept of individual secession is very much a part of Confederate Colonel. Taking our children out of the public indoctrination … Continue reading

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Os Confederados – Confederate Descendants in Brazil

Today’s post continues with the theme of how others around the world promote and maintain their culture. This time it is Confederate descendants living in Brazil. The Os Confederados are the descendants of Southerners who left the military occupation of … Continue reading

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