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The Poison of Individualism (from the Amerika blog)

Today’s post at Mr. Brett Stevens’ Amerika blog, titled The Death Within, does a wonderful job of summarizing much of what we’ve discussed here on Confederate Colonel. While Mr. Stevens has a different focus in his writings, the basic theme … Continue reading

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Some Facts About Monarchies

Today’s post at the Mad Monarchist (one of my favorite blogs) presents some interesting facts about the actual cost of monarchies compared to republics. Here are a few points from the post: In Great Britain, the Queen is known for … Continue reading

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Slavery and Secession – Another View

The Faith and Heritage blog has a fascinating review of The Road to Disunion, Volume II: Secessionists Triumphant, by William W. Freehling. So much of what I thought I knew about the period leading up to the War for Southern … Continue reading

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A Matter of Suffrage

Any serious discussion about why the “American Experiment” has failed will eventually come to the same conclusion: The problem is not who we have in positions of leadership – the problem is who votes to put those people into positions … Continue reading

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Monarchy as Government

I have, for some time, wondered if perhaps the first fatal mistake that was made in American government was when George Washington declined the offer to become king rather than president. A recent post at The Monarchist blog makes some … Continue reading

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The Grand Old Days – a poem

Photo – National Geographic Grand Old Days by Nancy B. Brewer The ruffled dresses, petticoats and fancifully ways, Ice tea, fried chicken and all our Southern ways, Are slowly fading down the river, Like ships upon the bay Poise and … Continue reading

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The Illusive Archtype of the Southern Gentleman

by Tom Horton Mr. Horton has been kind enough to grant us permission to reprint the article in its entirety. He is the great-grandson of Pvt. Lawrence Churchill Jones of the Kershaw Brigade that watched the gallant Pelham (my first … Continue reading

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Defining The Southern Gentleman

Since the The Southern Gentleman is what Confederate Colonel is about, I guess it’s appropriate to try to define what that means. Before we start with that though, it’s good to point out that the title of “Southern Gentleman” should … Continue reading

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“The Vanishing Gentleman”

Here’s an article from “The Independent” Volume 86, published 1916. The article was written by Louise Collier Willcox of Norfolk, Virginia. It gives an insightful look at what a gentleman was in the early 1900’s, and also reveals what type … Continue reading

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