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Who Do We Honor?

  “Where men are forbidden to honour a king, they honor millionaires, athletes, or film stars instead; even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison.” C. … Continue reading

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The Proper Use of Authority

Southern gentlemen are frequently found in positions of authority – and for good reason. The traits and character that makes one a Southern gentleman are the same traits and character that indicates that one has what it takes to handle … Continue reading

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Some Facts About Monarchies

Today’s post at the Mad Monarchist (one of my favorite blogs) presents some interesting facts about the actual cost of monarchies compared to republics. Here are a few points from the post: In Great Britain, the Queen is known for … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts Version 3.0

The Thinking Housewife had a post titled The Boy Scouts – R.I.P. It was about their decision to allow openly homosexual males into the organization as Scouts (though not as leaders – at least not yet). While the entire post … Continue reading

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Manhood – A Hazardous Journeys video

Vision Forum Ministries has long been a favorite resource for building a Godly family and raising young men and young ladies into mature, Godly adults. The Hazardous Journeys Society is a part of Vision Forum. Our society has embraced the … Continue reading

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Mercy and Chivalry

Mercy is one of the great hallmarks of chivalry. Mercy toward one’s enemy is the hardest mercy of all, which is probably why Jesus instructs us to love our enemies. The following is taken from the Men Who Lead blog … Continue reading

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Election Choices – Right, Wrong, or Expedient

I will not be voting for Mitt Romney. That statement has lead to several rather passionate discussions from friends and relatives who are well-informed and truly want to do the right thing, and I respect and appreciate their efforts. That, … Continue reading

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Twenty Points of Baltasar Gracián

Following on the heels of Survival Mom’s “Eight Vital Skills” is a post from the Art of Manliness blog titled “Cunning as a Serpent, Innocent as a Dove: The Art of Worldly Wisdom“. Baltasar Gracián was a 17th century Jesuit … Continue reading

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Eight Vital Skills

The Southern gentleman is the primary focus of Confederate Colonel. A major part of that is an emphasis on the importance of leadership (see the Lessons in Leadership series). With that said, we need to understand that we are not … Continue reading

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Words Have Meaning

gen-tle-man – noun a : a man of noble or gentle birth b : a man belonging to the landed gentry c(1) : a man who combines gentle birth or rank with chivalrous qualities (2) : a man whose conduct … Continue reading

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