Manhood – A Hazardous Journeys video

Vision Forum Ministries has long been a favorite resource for building a Godly family and raising young men and young ladies into mature, Godly adults. The Hazardous Journeys Society is a part of Vision Forum. Our society has embraced the idea that childhood is a “never ending story” and that real responsibility is too great a burden to place on the young. That brings to mind the way my father, as Scoutmaster when I was a Boy Scout, would talk to the Scouts. He talked to us as men. We would be standing as a troop in formation and he would say, “When we get to the camp site, I want you men to get with your patrol leaders and set up a neat and orderly camp under their direction.” For young teenagers trying to learn our place in the world, this would be the first time many of us were treated as adults. Our reaction was that if he treated us as adults, then we must be adults and act accordingly. To not act as an adult would be to show that we were not worthy of being treated as men, and no one wanted to let that happen.

This short video illustrates a boy’s entry into manhood; it requires no words.

The Hazardous Journeys Society (HJS) was founded to give glory to God, not man, as part of an exciting effort of world exploration. The purpose of the HJS is to provide teams of intrepid adventurers, photographers, students, scientists, journalists, and naturalists with an opportunity to engage in journeys of discover around the globe and to interpret their findings from a perspective that honors the Creator.
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