Encouraging Our Daughters to Enjoy Childhood

j0178643In this day and time our children are being pushed into adulthood long before they are emotionally ready. I won’t go into the myriad reasons for this because I have no wish to start debates with people who want to justify it. There is a difference in teaching a child responsibility and expecting them to behave like adults.

A very dear friend of mine has a granddaughter who will be seven years old in a couple of weeks. I carefully selected her gift to be something age appropriate and that encourages girlhood from a Biblical perspective. I’ve written her a letter to include with her gift but I felt the need to share this letter with other young girls and their mothers.

Dear Sweet Hannah Grace,

Happy Birthday! Seven is such a wonderful time in a little girl’s life. You have already learned so many things but it’s just the beginning. There is a whole world full of wonders out there waiting for you to discover them.

For your birthday, this is my special prayer for you:
That you will always love God – He always loves you.
That you will love and respect your parents.
That you will love and protect your baby brother.

I know you may not understand all of this right now but one day you will. Do not be in a hurry to grow up. Ride horses, swim, sing silly songs at the top of your lungs, swing as high as you can on a swing, run, play, catch lightening bugs in jars on a summer night, spin around until you get dizzy, make daisy chains, share secrets with your friends and laugh until you get the hiccups. Hang onto the sweetness that every day of this precious time in your life holds.

I also want you to know that you are surrounded by family and friends who want only the best things in life for you and will always love you.

These activities might seem immature to some but they are the activities that filled my own summer days in the South when I was a little girl. I long to see my grandchildren experience these things for themselves.

Let’s stop encouraging our daughters (sons too, for that matter) to grow up too fast. Encourage them instead to do the things I wrote above to this sweet little girl. Help them to maintain their childlike innocence just as long as possible. For once innocence is lost, it can never be recovered.

About Lisa Botts

I am an old school Southern Baptist and born again believer, Mother, Grandmother & farmer's daughter. I grew up in the heart of the Heart of Dixie, central Alabama, and am once again living in the house in which I grew up. I have a strong desire to see my grandchildren raised as true Southern girls and boys should be with respect, gentility and chivalry their code of conduct.
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2 Responses to Encouraging Our Daughters to Enjoy Childhood

  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you for writing this encouraging post. I do not have a daughter, but the same could be said for a son. It is sad to see in this modern world that simplicity is mistaken for boredom. Keep up these wonderful posts! Looking forward to more! God Bless!
    ~Fellow servant of Christ,
    Sarah J.

  2. Lisa Botts says:

    Thank you for your sweet comment.

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