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Lord Acton on The Southern Cause

The following was written by Valerie Protopapas at the request of the Jubal Early SCV Camp in Tampa, Florida. It was submitted to the local media on the occasion of Confederate Memorial Day. Two publications involved had promised to print … Continue reading

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Reprint Resources

Understanding what really happened during an historical event or period of time means looking through source material written at the time by people who were there. Too often, we rely on what is taught in the public schools from books … Continue reading

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Political Expediency

Watching Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry repudiate the Confederate flag is one of the least-surprising events of this election season. Changing positions, turning away from those who were once supporters, and an embarrassing amount of dishonor are all part of … Continue reading

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Why Anti-Southerners Won’t Listen

Those who believe The South was filled with whip-wielding slave-masters have no interest in reading that which shows them to be wrong. Let me quickly point out that, by the same token, I would not really be interested in reading … Continue reading

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The Case for the Lower Case “u”

Ask just about anyone to write out the name of this country, and they will almost certainly write “United States of America”. They will most likely also refer to it as “The United States of America”. There are two problems … Continue reading

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Respect for The Flag: We should know better – Why don’t we?

This photo is said to be from the 2011 Reunion, South Carolina Division, SCV. Now, I understand that there is some historical precedent for writing on a Confederate flag, and I am certain that this was done from a lack … Continue reading

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Slavery Today – For All Those Who Believe

For all those who believe that slavery=The South. For all those who believe that slavery is Whites owning Blacks. For all those who believe that slavery ended with the conquest of the Southern states by the North. For all those … Continue reading

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Sesquicentennial – Another Opportunity to Demonize The South

An article in the New York Times talks about the upcoming sesquicentennial events regarding the War for Southern Independence (of course, they incorrectly called it “the Civil War”). As if the demonization of Southern Whites since the election of Obama … Continue reading

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For Dixieland I’ll Take A Stand

Like a liberal who has just been mugged, I have now fully awakened to the fact that there is no middle ground. There is no compromise with those who hate The South. I started the Confederate Colonel project a bit … Continue reading

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Ambassadors for The South

Are you a Southern Ambassador? One of the definitions of an ambassador is an unofficial representative. If, in your conversation or items you have around you, you publicly identify yourself as as Southerner, then you are a Southern Ambassador. Are … Continue reading

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