Confederate Memorial Day

Confederate Memorial Day is observed in North and South Carolina on May 10 – the day that Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson died in 1863 at the age of 39. If ever there is a day on which to fly the Confederate flag, Confederate Memorial Day is it.

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi observe Confederate Memorial Day on April 26. Virginia has May 30 as their day, and Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee set aside June 3 as Confederate Memorial Day.

For a list of Confederate holidays, refer to the Confederate Colonel holidays page.

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4 Responses to Confederate Memorial Day

  1. vdobler says:

    We fly the Confederate Flag just about every day. Only lately did I find your web site. I enjoy it a great deal Thank You .

    Sincerely: Vin Dobler

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Vin – and thank you for keeping the Confederate flag flying!

    We have a 25′ flagpole in the front yard that flies the Confederate flag (or sometimes the Florida state flag) 365 days a year. That’s the flag and pole shown on the photo on this post.

  3. Mark says:

    I rotate through the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd national flags along with the 4th Kentucky Orphan Brigade and 5th Kentucky Infantry Regiment flags through out the year.

  4. Thank you, sir, for doing your part!

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