The Demise of The Southern Woman

In the past, Southern ladies were always looked to as an example of propriety, hospitality, and femininity. It is sad to see them losing their culture. It was a culture that led the way in manners and religion. In the years that the South was referred to as “The Bible Belt,” Southern women led in the teaching of modesty in clothing and behavior to Christian women. It was disappointing to hear Paula Deen speak. On one of her shows, she announced: ” I’m Paula Deen. Y’all want some fried chicken and beer?” On another, she related that she had divorced her first husband, followed by a huge laugh. Perhaps she does not know the enormity of what she represents to the rest of the country. In time of war, it was the Southern women who saved their homes by offering their gentle hospitality to soldiers who might have otherwise burned their property. It was those quiet, gentle, southern women that faithfully taught their children Bible lessons while the men were away. Southern women have always had a strength and determination, and when they use it to preserve the family, and adhere to the principles of the Scriptures, they reach their true glory. The south will never “rise again” until that sweetness and modesty is restored in its women. We recently had a visitor from Louisiana, an elderly man, who said, “You need to stop saying that the western states are a mission field. It is that way in the South, now.”

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About Lydia McGaughey Sherman

Of Southern heritage, I live in the coastal area of Oregon, in a rural setting. I have been married 40 years to an evangelist, who is also from family in the South. We believe that America cannot be restored, until the family is restored. That can only be done when the parents teach the children to live by the teachings of Christ.
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4 Responses to The Demise of The Southern Woman

  1. Perhaps it sounds unfair to pick on public southern women for any breech in good taste, but they hold a greater responsiblity to be a light and a guide in our country. They are from the original southern states which first formed the United States. They are for the most part, generationally connected to the very first settlers, often living on the very same land or in the same city that their grandmothers lived. They have the advantage of the example of those refined women who went before them. While in other areas of the country you see that people moved around a lot and were likely to lose touch with who they were, the southern women have roots, and those roots lead to their souls. Today in American society, we see women who are out of touch with their ancestors and also with their souls. Glassy-eyed young southern women drinking with friends are not going to be the strong female leaders of society. They are not going to be the mothers reading the Bible to future generations. They do not understand the power that they have to restore southern culture.

  2. Two key, and related, points that you make – “they hold a greater responsibility” and “they do not understand the power that they have”. Those same points come to mind when we watch modern day “celebrities” publicly display their lifestyles of debauchery and contempt for traditional values. When questioned (a very rare occurrence) about their status as a role model, their reply is usually something along the lines of “it is my private life.” They want the wealth and status that goes with being a public figure – but without the social responsibility that goes with it. They are not the anomaly, but the norm. We live in a society where people accept privilege but reject the notion that responsibility goes along with it.

    “Of whom much is given, much is expected.”

    Thank you for what I hope is your first of many posts here on the Confederate Colonel project!

  3. The Media has done a great deal of harm to the image of the Southern woman. Actresses from the south were cast in roles which portrayed them as silly, irresponsible air-heads. Films show the south as being bigoted, cruel, hypocritical in nature. Southerns need to take the government media complex and the fed. govt. out of their culture as much as they possibly can, starting with getting their children out of the public schools and educating them in their own heritage. I was raised by a southern father, an Ulster-Scot, who taught all of us his values and his heritage. The restoration of the southern culture depends on education. Girls should all know the historical accounts of the women of the south. The women are going to teach the future generations. I read a lot of things about the problem of the south still being occupied—well, it is. It is occupied by the prevailing culture, which needs to be kicked out. I remember during the hippie movement on the west coast, that it was not as prevalent in the south, because they still had their Christian values. We must also stop sending our children to colleges. Christian colleges are bad, too, often being infiltrated by progressive professors who do not even believe in the motto of the college or in the teachings of the scriptures. I have had some experience in dealing with a prominent Christian college and an objectional textbook. It was like dealing with government offices, being passed from one to another and never getting anywhere. Save your money and buy your daughter a house instead.

  4. Lynn Maust says:

    Oh my, YES! To buy your daughter her own home would be the most valuable blessing you could ever confer upon her,unless she and you wanted her to continue to live under your family roof, with that protection.

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