Gentleman’s Guide to Opening Doors

Today’s post at the Art of Manliness blog does an excellent job of discussing opening a door for a lady. No one who reads Confederate Colonel will be the least bit surprised at the idea that a gentleman opens a door for a lady, but this bit of chivalry is becoming rare as so many women sadly prefer to be known as a “feminist” rather than as a “lady”. I learned some valuable points reading the article, including what to do when you hold the door open for the lady you are with, but others are coming right behind. Be sure to read this Art of Manliness post – and become a regular reader.

There are two ways to mess up etiquette. One is too ignore it altogether. The other is to over-think it and overdo it, and thus make it weird and awkward. So keep that in mind as you read these guidelines; the most important thing to remember is simply to be natural and to use common sense! It’s definitely not too complicated; these guidelines are simply designed to allow you to be smooth, instead of standing there havy-cavy, wondering what to do.

Opening doors for women requires their cooperation. If you get to the door before a woman, opening the door is simple. Just open the door and hold it for her. Things get awkward when you and your gal arrive at the door at the same time or she gets there before you. In these types of situations, opening doors becomes much like a dance. Each sex has a role they need to fill for the operation to successfully work. If your lady arrives at the door before you or at the same time as you, she should step slightly to one side so that you can open the door without knocking her on her tuckus. If she opens the door for herself, that’s not a problem. See below.

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