Southern Resolve

One small Southern coastal community is not waiting for the Federal Government to approve their plan to protect their homes, environment and bay from the coming disaster.  This community should be an example for the rest of our country.

MAGNOLIA SPRINGS, Ala. — James Hinton looked over a barge jutting into the mouth of a 6,000-acre estuary last weekend and said, “If we can make this work, if the oil don’t get in here, 1,275 miles of bay and river coastline will be protected.”

A day later, Mr. Hinton said: “I could go to jail for going against unified command. Now, I don’t mind going to jail, I just need to make sure it’s for doing the right thing.”

Read more here from the New York Times

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3 Responses to Southern Resolve

  1. An inspiring story that shows what Southern culture is all about. I can’t think of a better post to start off the new category of “Leadership”.

  2. Brian Standerfer says:

    Agreed! Just when you think that hope is lost in a seemingly endless tragedy, these folks shine through with the spirit to stand up and take action regardless of the consequence. This article made my day today.

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