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Mob Rule in America – The Trayvon Martin Case

I had hoped to go through the series of posts on the Southern gentleman and the Boy Scout laws, oath, and motto without interruption. Current events have intervened and I feel compelled to comment on what has become commonplace in … Continue reading

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Reprint Resources

Understanding what really happened during an historical event or period of time means looking through source material written at the time by people who were there. Too often, we rely on what is taught in the public schools from books … Continue reading

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America The Barbarous

Vision Forum is a wonderful resource for those who are determined to raise their sons as gentlemen and their daughters as ladies (it has been on our list of recommended links since the very beginning). I am now enjoying the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on Secession

One way to gauge where someone stands is to see who is opposed to them. Ron Paul is a lightning rod to the mainstream media, to the corporate power bosses, and to both the Democratic and Republican party bosses. That, … Continue reading

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Political Expediency

Watching Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry repudiate the Confederate flag is one of the least-surprising events of this election season. Changing positions, turning away from those who were once supporters, and an embarrassing amount of dishonor are all part of … Continue reading

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Two Very Different Cultures

What leads one part of a society to destroy while another part of society cleans up the mess and rebuilds? What kind of monster have we, as a Western society, created? While there is no doubt that the London riots … Continue reading

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The North/South Divide Continues

I was reading the comments following a blog post at Front Porch Republic about possible future scenarios, when the past and the future seemed to merge. It seems that the North/South Divide is very much alive and well in the … Continue reading

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Interviewed on Amerika.org

In today’s post at Amerika.org, Brett Stevens interviewed me about the Southern Agrarian movement. Amerika.org is one of those refreshing islands of original thought on the web that makes you stop and think. As with any good writing – indeed, … Continue reading

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A Southern Nation

If The South was a nation during the time of the War for Southern Independence, at what point did it cease being a nation? The answer: it didn’t. The Confederate States of America was, of course, the political arm of … Continue reading

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A Matter of Suffrage

Any serious discussion about why the “American Experiment” has failed will eventually come to the same conclusion: The problem is not who we have in positions of leadership – the problem is who votes to put those people into positions … Continue reading

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