Ron Paul on Secession

One way to gauge where someone stands is to see who is opposed to them. Ron Paul is a lightning rod to the mainstream media, to the corporate power bosses, and to both the Democratic and Republican party bosses. That, in itself, is reason enough to stand up and take notice. Like anyone else, I can’t agree with Dr. Paul on every single issue; however, I am an ardent supporter of the Ron Paul campaign. Who else but Ron Paul would stand up for the right of secession?

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Born-Again Christian, Grandfather, husband, business owner, Southerner, aspiring Southern Gentleman. Publisher of The Confederate Colonel and The Southern Agrarian blogs. President/Owner of Adjutant Workshop, Inc., Vice President - Gather The Fragments Bible Mission, Inc. (Sierra Leone, West Africa), Webmaster - Military Order of The Stars and Bars, Kentucky Colonel.
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15 Responses to Ron Paul on Secession

  1. Good man and posted.

  2. ray o'hara says:

    The Establishment doesn’t like Charles Manson either,
    So using your logic Charlie must be on to something.

    Article VI of the CONUS banned secession.

    The New England considered secession” claim is a lie.
    It takes its root in the Hartford Convention held by the Whig Party where it was discussed, it was never discussed by any States. but it is a lie that won’t die.

    After the first 14 States, the rest except Texas were created by Congress out of land owned by the People of the United States and aquired either through purchase or conquest, the boundries of those states were drawn up by Congress, their State Constitutions were approved by Congress, they have and never had any legitimate xlaim to independence.

    for them to have had the right to secede from the US is to believe that Congress thought it was okay to approve a State and that that state could upon gaining approval immediately quit the Union. No country would spend millions of its treasure nor the lives of thousands of its citizens and then just give that land away.

    the American colonies did not “secede” from England they rebelled against England a different thing and they understood in doing so they would have to fight a long bloody war to achive independence, the South claims the Revolution gives them the right to leave but they then don’t accept the 2nd part of it, that you then have to fight and win a war.

  3. Ray O'Hara says:

    Typical Ron Paul idiocy based on ignoring all the facts.

  4. 1389AD says:

    While I personally cannot support Ron Paul, on account of his views and statements regarding Israel, the Jewish people, and Islam, I respect his point of view on secession.

    Secession is the nuclear option in US politics, but the time is approaching when we may again need to use it. The outcome will be very different the next time around. Empires last roughly 200-250 years at most. This one is past its sell-by date. Nations (such as the Serbs, the Russians, the Japanese, the Irish, the Scots, the Jews, for just a few examples) can last indefinitely – provided that they WANT to survive. Empires are, in general, not a good thing, while nations are put on earth by our Creator, and it is up to us to preserve them.

    I’ve added you to our blogroll under “American South”.

  5. Mr. O’Hara,
    Your comments are stunning in their ignorance and proof-positive of the terrible effect that a government-run school system and a Marxist-inspired mass media have had on this country. I trust that you are quite pleased with direction America is being taken.

    Since this is not a public forum for debate and argument, I would suggest that you spend your internet time at Democratic Underground or some similar forum rather than here at Confederate Colonel.

  6. John says:

    The right of secession was understood from the beginning. Three states, New York, Virginia, and Rhode Island stipulated the right to secede when they joined the union. The other states accepted those stipulations.

  7. Austin says:

    Mr. Paul’s unrealistic and naive positions on foreign policy and defence make him, unfortunately, not a serious candidate. Our “meddling” overseas is to preserve a global trading system that sustains and protects our standard of living and way of life. We could run away from the world but the world wouldn’t run away from us. Does anyone want to see the global economy steered by the Chinese, the Russians, the Germans, Muslim nations, or some combination of the above? We inherited, after World War II, a virtual empire from the British however, we have no one but enemies to hand off our leadership of the Free World to [which Obama is working on].

  8. Drew says:

    Some of us would rather see the US not be involved with the so called “global trading system” at all, as it DOES NOT sustain or protect our “standard” of living, but instead hampers it by making it better and cheaper to buy things overseas than to buy things made in our own country. Our so called standard of living is driving our economy and country into the ground.Perhaps if we did as the north did to the south, and tarrif the hell out of all the imported goods that come into the country, it would “encourage” more businesses to stay within our own borders, since that would make good cheaper to produce here. The fact that it’s cheaper for them to go overseas, have foreigners make goods and then ship them back into the country is a sad state of affairs. Since the UN-Civil war, the federal government has practiced “total war” which they perfected on the south by raping and killing innocents, sparing no one including the slaves they were supposedly there to free. Now they go to other countries under the guise of “spreading democracy” and bombing countries back to the stone age. So if you tthink we are “preserving” anything by starting wars left and right, think again. No, I think we are better off keeping our noses out of other countries’ business, and building our own country. Or, better yet, let’s just secede and call it a day. maybe this time the south will win. after all, we have more guns and shoes this time around.

  9. Charlie D says:


  10. For those who are wondering why I approve any comments from “Charlie D” – it is to illustrate the low caliber of those who take such pleasure in attacking us. I try to maintain a decent and respectable level of commentary here, but I also reserve the right to hold our critics to lower standards – in this case, much lower standards.

  11. “Charlie D” has written another reply, but I am not going to take the bait. Confederate Colonel is not a public forum for people like him. Any reasonably constructive reply is approved. Confederate Colonel has been on line in one form or another since September 2007, and there are exactly three replies in the “Trash” folder. All of them are from “Charlie D”.

    In the past 30 days, this blog has had 4,700 visitors (it is set to exclude administrator accounts and bots). We are not going to waste our time with the petty snide remarks from someone like him.

    End of discussion.

  12. For anyone looking to “Charlie D” for advice on how to escape this little backwater of ignorance known as “The South”. I present to you his (hopefully) final comment in its entirety (his words are in italics):

    “You’re scared and thats ok. Your worldview is “trash”!”

    “You have a sad life im sure so you have to look in the past to find anything of worth.”

    He offered a strange statement that “The Confederate Govt. was the first Govt. to set up a wellfare state because thier women rioted.”

    “You are a little, stupid man. Bye.!!!”

    And now, for his final word of advice on how to shed our foolish Southern ways and rise to that pinnacle of human enlightment known as the “Yankee”:
    “Ps Get out of the South for a while and check all of the USA, its a great country!!! Talk to some black people too, you might learn something,.”

    I promise you – I am not making this up. I really did receive this stuff from someone named “CharlieD”.

  13. Big Red says:

    I agree with Ron Paul – our country is a republic not a democracy get it good!!! It’s a shame that we as American citizens can not get along any more. If you look at what we are doing now as a country, it’s like we’re back in the 1850’s just about to go into a new civil war, and that folks is bad – very bad, I pray to God that we as America get back into the way we used to be. God bless America and God speed hoorah !!!! Ron Paul 2012 a.k.a. 1860

  14. Drew says:

    Interesting remarks by Charlie. I have indeed traveled almost all of the United States, excluding California. I refuse to go there. :) I have lived in the north, was born and raised in Maryland, and since then I have lived in Maine, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, and finally, North Carolina. I have had my fair share of time around all different races, even lived with a Korean family for a couple years in Maryland (very large Korean community there.) My wife is half Korean, half White. More and more, I consider myself southern. Why? Because the older I get (mid 30s) and the further I have gotten from “civilization” (extremely large cities) I have begun to realize that when you cram all those races into a small area, eventually everyone begins to congregate towards their own, with exception of white people. White people are probably the only race that is left that have no identity, we are not race conscious. The ones that do seem to have an identity, or are race conscious, live here, in the south. I’m not a racist, I don’t hate other races, I just prefer the company of my own. Most “civilized” civilizations are borne on the backs of whites. The dark races tend to tear them down. That is what I learned from both talking to, and studying, other races. If you don’t believe me, walk the streets of what’s left of Detroit and New Orleans. No, New Orleans has not been rebuilt, except for the pile of filth that is the French quarter, which has very little French left in it.

    I know this was kind of off topic, but that comment by “Charlie” apparently pushed a button or two. Sorry for hijacking the thread Stephen, I understand if you don’t want to publish this.

  15. No, you’re not hijacking the thread, Drew. No problem at all. It’s getting a bit off topic, but it’s still close enough to keep it going.

    What you say is absolutely correct in my own experience. You’re in your mid-thirties. I turn 59 this year, and I see the same things that you see, only spread across a few more years.

    I have my own unique experience to draw from as well. I am the vice-president of a non-profit corporation that provides support for missionaries based in Sierra Leone, West Africa. For the racially clueless who are drawing a blank, that is a very black country. I hear first-hand stories of what the people there are really like, and it is far from the “Noble Native Who Would Excel At Everything If It Were Not For The White Man” story that so many believe. I won’t go into details because that is not our purpose here, but it definitely confirms what you wrote.

    Thank you for commenting, sir.

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