Two Very Different Cultures

What leads one part of a society to destroy while another part of society cleans up the mess and rebuilds? What kind of monster have we, as a Western society, created?

While there is no doubt that the London riots began as yet another race riot triggered by the police shooting of a known criminal and gang member, it quickly morphed into something much more sinister – a crime spree with no pretense of “social issues”. The looters included a large number of the English (the English are, by definition, White). Racial conflict was the spark, but a massive cultural change over the last 60 years is at the heart of the problem.

The remnant of civilized culture is seen in the second photo – hundreds, if not thousands, of English men and women armed with brooms, preparing to clean up yet another mess made by the spoiled brats created by a far-left socialist system.

These rioters had absolutely no claim to any sort of political injustice. Their only claim to legitimacy was one that they would never admit to – that they were told by society that they deserved a high standard of consumption without the need for any effort on their part. They were taught by society and by government that they were entitled to everything and required to do nothing.

Entitlement is dependence, and dependence means power for those who control the distribution of those “entitlements”. We have allowed a political system to evolve that combines the characteristics of a dictatorship with the illusion of freedom. How so? We have elected leaders who promise to “give” us goodies (always paid for by “someone else”) as long as we continue to vote them into office – just as the tyrant rewards his cronies with that which was forcibly taken from the productive people. We have knowingly voted those people into office, so we fool ourselves into thinking that we are free.

This same fuse has already been lit here in America, and I fear it is too late to stop it. If we are to have any hope of extinguishing that fuse before it detonates, then we must take action now. No one is entitled to anything more than the basic God-given freedoms that are enumerated in our Bill of Rights – as originally written, not as amplified and expanded by power-hungry judges wanting to write law rather than interpret law.

About Stephen Clay McGehee

Born-Again Christian, Grandfather, husband, business owner, Southerner, aspiring Southern Gentleman. Publisher of The Confederate Colonel and The Southern Agrarian blogs. President/Owner of Adjutant Workshop, Inc., Vice President - Gather The Fragments Bible Mission, Inc. (Sierra Leone, West Africa), Webmaster - Military Order of The Stars and Bars, Kentucky Colonel.
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8 Responses to Two Very Different Cultures

  1. Well said and posted.

  2. James says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Guests, that is, immigrants, have to remember the unpayable debt they owe their hosts, the nation that graciously took them in. Immigrants have to earn the right to live here, as well as respect, as many of our forebears had, by following the law, adopting the culture and language of their hosts, never accepting governmental charity, and, in the workplace and in school, taking initiative and working hard. Then and only then, should rights and citizenship be granted.

    Secondly, while we are on immigration, the real threat seems to be from today’s skilled legal immigrants, Chinese and Brahman Indians here in the New York area, who have no loyalty to these united States, not to mention having never served in our Armed Forces, presume superiortity to us, due to the dominance of “muliculturalism”, are overly protected, due to “political correctness”, and take our jobs (yours truly, by the way, is of mixed White, Asian and Pacific Islander ancestry, and checks off “White” on mandatory forms; favoritism should be unacceptable).

    A New Jersey Copperhead

  3. Dave says:

    Interesting photo of the crowd with brooms getting ready to clear up their area of London. I remember seeing the same shot on TV, as can be seen, the crowd is overwhelmingly white. But who did the BBC, or as it is becoming more widely known over here as the British Bull**** Corporation seek out to interview? A black woman!

    If you think your Country is PC, you ain’t seen nothing, try a dose of Britain.


  4. Thanks for the comments, Dave. It’s always good to hear from someone who has seen things up close and personal.

    What has happened to the once-Great Britain is truly heart breaking. Many folks here still have the images of England and Englishmen. We still think of Churchill speeches and persevering in the face of danger. We think of England – the nest from which much of America sprang. That is the image we have in our minds, but the reality is quite different. Reading stories of a disarmed and helpless people who are put in prison for defending their lives and their homes against criminal thugs is almost unbearable. Seeing the classic Western Civilization culture being diluted and then overtaken by invading hoards from vastly different cultures is a complete mystery to me.

    What your politicians have done to such a great land and people is nothing less that treasonous. Unfortunately, our politicians over here are following the British example and heading down that same road – and there is a large part of our population who are cheering them on.

    I recently saw a pin that said, “Enoch Powell Was Right”. If anyone here would understand what that meant, I’d be wearing one of those.

  5. James says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Europe is brainwashed and censored by “political correctness”, the great irony being, that this suppression of civil liberties, works to the advantage of those who have contempt for traditional Western cultures and societies. We may hold out longer than the Europeans, in preserving our values.

    The Confederate Colonel Project is one of the few forums where one can still oppose the presently dominating egalitarianism, and defend our principles, without immediate condemnation. Yours truly, in the civil service in the New York area, has to swallow the “correctness” all too often. Visiting the South is in my plans.

    Thank you.
    A New Jersey Copperhead

  6. Thank you, James. Part of your reply inspired an entire post that will appear on Friday afternoon.

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  8. James says:

    Thank you Mr. McGehee Sir,
    Yours truly, has to deal with enforced “political correctness”, that is, de facto censorship, almost everyday, and your Project, together with my family, the few non-family, that can be trusted, and walking outside, are important in countering the brainwashing, and trying to keep everything in perspective, as well as learning about the South. If yours truly, had fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, the consequences of exercising my intellectual freedom, would almost certainly be worse. For example, in my workplace, a public library, we have to have Black History Month , which the Blacks themselves here, do not even appreciate, and, for school assignments, we have to find non-existent books and magazine articles on made-up Black inventors, since, according to the egalitarians, the Blacks invented almost everything. Martin Luther King Day, as well as the Zionist version of the Holocaust, are also beyond criticism here. If Martin Luther King were alive today, he would probably want the Blacks to work on his birthday; and, the Jews were not the only ones who suffered during the Second World War, though they did suffer a unique form of persecution. Strive to be true and brave, regardless of what is in vogue, and to be gentlemen, always.
    A New Jersey Copperhead

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