The Cultural Destruction of England

The forces that are working to destroy Southern culture are certainly not unique in the world. Similar attacks on nations and cultures have been happening in many places that were once solidly Western European culture.

The BBC broadcast a documentary titled Rivers of Blood. It begins with one man – Enoch Powell – using his position of leadership to warn his countrymen of the grave threat they face as the gathering storm begins to assail English culture and turn England into a land completely alien to those who inherited one of the greatest nations on earth. He warned that England was losing her sense of national identity, the shared values and traditions and history, the common thread that unites the English as a people. When Mr. Powell made his “Rivers of Blood” speech forty years ago, the term “political correctness” had not yet been coined, but that is what was at work

The force that destroyed England was a political establishment that used uncontrolled immigration as a weapon. Most nations can absorb small numbers of immigrants from other cultures without damaging the existing culture. In small numbers, immigrants are assimilated into the culture as long as they are not concentrated in certain areas. In large numbers, immigrants become an invading and occupying army. From there, they spread their influence beyond their enclaves of occupation.

The forces that are destroying our once-great land are not new and our experience is not unique. What is happening now in places like Dearborn, Michigan may soon be happening across the country – including our beloved South. The question is – will we recognize the threat and take action to stop it?









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3 Responses to The Cultural Destruction of England

  1. UK Fred says:

    While Enoch Powell was prescient in his attitudes to immigration and the effects that liberal immigration policies would have on the country in 1968, he was in many ways difficult to pigeon-hole within the Conservative Party. He had resigned with other treasury ministers rather than put forward policies that he felt would cause inflation in the January 1959, and had advocated free-market policies which were seen as right-wing,but he had also served as Minister of Health in which post he had encouraged commonwealth immigration to fill the vacancies in the National Health Service.

    Unfortunately, the man who sacked him from the shadow cabinet and who had been one of three MP’s first elected to the Conservative benches in 1951 with very similar views did not have the strength of character to stand up to demands that blew his government off course. It may well be that Edward Heath’s sacking of Powell was the first indication that Heath would almost always cave in to vested interests instead of putting the good of the country first. Foreign history essay question for all the US readers: compare and contrast the actions of the governments of Edward Heath (1970 – 1974) and Margaret Thatcher (1979- 1990) and the manifestos on which they were initially elected. There are no cash prizes for anyone completing the question.

  2. Thank you, Fred. Getting the perspective of someone who is there is a tremendous help in understanding what has happened in England – and how those same trends might play out here in America.

  3. UK Fred says:

    I believe that you have a major advantage in the USA in that your immigrants are required to swear an oath of allegiance to the country, and are not expected to retain the cultural identity of their place of origin, whereas many of ours now expect the UK to adapt to their cultural demands. It is a long time since I was in the US, and I do not know how things have changed there, but now, to my children’s generation, the worst condemnation is reserved for those who are considered to be racist, for example look at what happened to Daley Thomson when he made a joking reference to the supposed country of origin of a tattoo artist who mis-spelt the word “Olympic” as “Oylmpic” and the furore that this joke somehow disqualifies him from lighting the Olympic flame at the games, or sexist or discriminating on the grounds of sexual orientation.

    The small amount of psychology that I have been taught included the concept that we need to have a vocabulary to be able to think, and the increasing level of so-called political correctness, which is frequently code for censorship or self-censorship appears to be preventing our young people from being able to think.

    There was a joke doing the rounds over here recently which suggested that the government was aiming to cut the benefits bill by 75% by insisting that all benefits claim forms would be printed in English only. Multi-culturalism is a wonderful idea in theory, but when it leads to pockets of uniculturalism in different parts of a town, or different towns in an area, then it does not encourage the mixing and enriching of one culture by the others. It also leads people to shout “Racism!” when what has been happening is lawbreaking pure and simple by members of a minority ethnic group, as was shown by the reports of the complaints made by the leader of the group of muslim men who had been using under-age vulnerable white girls for sex in Rochdale at his recent trial, as shown in these articles.

    The Daily Telegraph is a Conservative leaning newspaper, while the BBC is left/liberal leaning so I have listed both so that you can see there is no political axe being ground here.

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