Richard G. Williams’ Defense of The South

Richard G. Williams, Jr., author of the Old Virginia blog, is one of my favorite Southern writers. He gives an noble and honorable defense of The South – and is honest enough to point out our faults where needed. In his August 14, 2010 post, titled A Response to Professor David Blight’s Article, he provides us with an excellent response to all those who claim that our ancestors went to war to support slavery, and all the other accusations that are hurled our way.

This is the closing paragraph of an article that everyone should read:

“And finally, to answer the good Professor’s question: “Why doesn’t the Confederacy just fade away?” The answer is simple—because many Southerners continue to teach our children and our grandchildren what our fathers and mothers and grandparents have taught us and passed down for generations. We still share our family history around the supper table; eating harvest that was grown and nourished from the very soil that contains the blood of our kin—blood that was shed while defending our homes. We still share our family history on the front porches of our homes in the fading light of summer evenings surrounded by great trees that were present when our ancestors lived. We still share our family history before a crackling fire in our homes on cold winter nights with our children and grandchildren gathered close around us—we continue to share the stories, the sadness, the glory, the bravery, the love, the patriotism, the loyalty, and the sacrifices of those who have gone before us. We do this, in part, that we might “honor our fathers” as the Scriptures command us. And our children and our grandchildren, despite the relentless and misguided assault on their heritage by the likes of Professor Blight, will do the same when their turn comes.”
Richard G. Williams, Jr.

I have, over the years, made frequent reference to Mr. Williams’ writing and encouraged folks to make his Old Virginia Blog a regular part of their reading. This is just another example. Richard G. Williams is truly a Southern treasure.

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  1. Deltaboy says:

    Richard is one of the best men I have met on the Net via the Blogs.

  2. Janet McGrath says:

    Richard…I’m still trying to find a home for these three original portrait of RE Lee!!!
    Just found you and look forward to being involved with your blog!!!

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