The Rise of The New Left

What is happening here in America is but a few short steps behind what is happening in Europe now. We here in The South have a stronger traditional cultural background than other parts of the country, but we still face the same threat. Our Southern heritage IS under attack, and we have a duty to provide a strong defense. What we were given by our ancestors can never be won back if we lose it.

This video was produced in the Czech Republic, so some of the titles have the spelling and grammar of a non-native English speaker. The message still comes through quite clearly.

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  1. albump says:

    Cultural identity is an issue which causes unrest throughout the world. What’s the solution, here? We must be good stewards and pass down our culture and heritage to our children in a way that they will be able to defend it when confronted by the demands of conformity. More importantly, we must pray for His mercy and His will to be done. The current political landscape in this country is inextricably intertwined with cultural issues, regardless of what the so-called pundits tell us. The resurgence of political conservatism this year points to a fundamental dissatisfaction with the way things have been going. It’s easy to be a pessimist, however, I don’t believe we are that close behind Europe, based exactly on what our heritage as Americans is. People are starting to wake up, but the question remains: is it in time? Southern heritage has been under assault for generations, and it seems to be coming to a head in many of our primary cultural institutions, including the military. As I pointed out in a previous response, we must not give up; we must continue to promote and pass down our cultural ideals. The bottom line is that this is our nation, too.

  2. James says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Having, yours truly, is rather ashamed to admit, sampled various questionable ideologies across the political spectrum, the realization has come, that a libertarianism with very broad civil liberties seems the ideal counter to the restrictive egalitarianism often practised in Europe, which many in these United States extoll today. Europeans (the video above has been taken off YouTube) have far fewer civil liberties than we do. In Europe, expressing historiographical positions, or historic symbols, disapproved of by the governments, often brings prosecution, the established historiography being used to pseudo-justify both the reason for being per se, and the policies, of the dominant political classes. The degree of censorship and the subjects censored vary by country. As a case in point, relatives of yours truly, residing in the Netherlands, had to buy books on the Second World War, in Belgium, bring the items back to Holland, and later quietly bring them to these United States. Historic films and music, of this period are banned in Germany, Austria, France and Italy.

    Forms of expression assumed to be ethnically denigrating, are similarly suppressed. Perhaps needless to say, the Confederacy and the traditional South are widely villified in Europe. Therefore, if these United States adopts a European Social Democratic system, Social Democracy having roots in pre-First World War Marxism, our most revered music and symbols, not to mention our words, may be severely curtailed. No, European Social Democracy, though incomparably milder than Communism, is still quite alien to our unique hard-won values.
    A New Jersey Copperhead

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