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Today’s post at the Vanishing American blog (this is on my daily reading list, and I encourage others to do the same) is an excellent piece on two levels. The first level is the Battle of Lookout Mountain and his great-great-grandfather who fought and died in that battle. The second level uses the first level as a metaphor for The South today, and that is where this post really shines.

Right now, it seems as if we descendants of those ill-fated soldiers are still engaged in a continuation of the war, with our history, our way of life, and our symbols under attack. Our children are taught that their forefathers of the Confederacy (and all Southron people, really) were bad and immoral people, because of slavery and because of their ‘rebellion’.

We are now seeing the fruits of the War’s outcome; the defeat of the Confederacy meant the victory of an ever-stronger central government and the stripping away of state’s rights and regional autonomy. The events of the day emphasize that fact unequivocally.

It is time that we speak up in defense of our forefathers and our heritage, as we owe them that much. I believe in honoring my father and mother, and to me, that means all my fathers and mothers who preceded me and gave me life.

He also includes a quote from the late Dennis Wheeler:

”There are those who despise us, who wish to stamp us out, or worse still, to use us as a milk cow so they can live lives of ease. There are those who believe us to be evil, and demand we repent at the alter of the damned while they sup at the table of the blessed. There are those who fear us, and so continually try to strip away all reminders of what we once were.

But we are still here, still living in our land, the land of our forefathers, more numerous than ever and though tyrannized, abused, and dispirited, poised to renounce our oppressors and reclaim what is rightfully ours.

For nearly 200 years, from George Washington to George Wallace, our people acted with a singleness of purpose. Even though defeated in a great war in 1865, we stood as one people to the outside world, defending our lives, land, homes, and inalienable rights with remarkable solidarity. But since our defeat in the Civil Rights War of 1965, we have been betrayed by many of our natural leaders in government, in the church, in business, and in the university.”

This is a beautifully written post about our Southern heritage. It is one not to be missed, and my sincere thanks go to Vanishing American for writing it.

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