Libya and the War of Northern Aggression

Pat Buchanan had an excellent column today in which he drew an analogy between Obama’s undeclared war against Libya and Lincoln’s war against The South.

Yet, again, why are we bombing Libya?

Gadhafi did not attack the West. He faced an uprising to dethrone him and rallied his troops to crush it, as any ruthless ruler would have done. We have no vital interest in who wins his civil war.

Indeed, Gadhafi has asked of Obama, “If you found them taking over American cities by force of arms, what would you do?”

Well, when the South fired on Fort Sumter, killing no one, Abraham Lincoln blockaded every Southern port, sent Gen. Sherman to burn Atlanta and pillage Georgia and South Carolina, and Gen. Sheridan to ravage the Shenandoah. He locked up editors and shut down legislatures and fought a four-year war of reconquest that killed 620,000 Americans – a few more than have died in Gadhafi’s four-week war.

Good thing we didn’t have an “international community” back then.

The Royal Navy would have been bombarding Lincoln’s America.

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3 Responses to Libya and the War of Northern Aggression

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  2. Austin says:

    Sir: Pat Buchanan also said Churchill, not Hitler, was to blame for World War II. The simple fact is we inherited a global empire from the British after the war. No, India isn’t our colony but the global, maritime, liberal economic trading system put in place by the British is now ours and we can either maintain our standard of living and protect it or become isolationist and watch others take over. Obama probably would like to see the economic system we lead diminished. He very reluctantly backed the British and French in Libya to prevent immediate problems with both. A precipitous British withdrawal from Afghanistan would be a foreign policy disaster for us. The Brits and the French need and want Libyan oil. It’s that simple.

  3. Austin says:

    Excellant analysis. What Happened to the American Declaration of War? is republished with permission of STRATFOR.Enjoy.

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