Slavery at $10.72 million per year?

"Slave" Adrian Peterson (Pione) (Pioneer Press: John Doman, file)

Here at Confederate Colonel, we often discuss the topic of slavery. It is what The South has been hammered with for over a century and a half, so we certainly have every right to stand up and offer a rebuttal to false charges – and provide context for legitimate charges. At no time have we ever trivialized slavery. It is a serious topic and deserves to be discussed as such. Some folks, however, seem to enjoy the “victim” status of having the same skin color as most slaves throughout history – no matter how shameless it may be.

Just how far are some people willing to take the “slavery” allusion? How about Vikings player Adrian Peterson who is set to make a base salary of $10.72 million in 2011 playing the “slavery” game. The topic is the collective bargaining agreement between the owners and the players union. Here is what he said in an interview posted at

When discussing other players feeling the same way, Peterson said: “It’s modern-day slavery, you know? People kind of laugh at that, but there are people working at regular jobs who get treated the same way, too.

Peterson the slave was unavailable for further comment – he and other NFL players are currently in Africa on a “goodwill tour”.

This is what happens when people are allowed to get away with using “hot button words” without being challenged. The same thing has happened to the word “racist” – a word that used to have a specific meaning, but now means anything that a white person does that is not sufficiently obsequious to blacks.

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  1. Please be very careful in using phrases like “Some folks, however, seem to enjoy the “victim” status of having the same skin color as most slaves throughout history – no matter how shameless it may be.”

    I would recommend you research the number of white people taken into slavery in human history. Mind you, you’ll have to search harder for the info, because it’s not something textbooks and pastors routinely discuss. But the truth is that people with black skin don’t hold a monopoly on slave status.

    We should always challenge the party line and the conventional wisdom given out by public schools and politicians, especially on topics like the South and our racial history.

    A very enjoyable site; keep up the good work

  2. Thank you for your comment and for the clarification. I thought about that when I wrote it, but then decided to leave it as-is in order to make the point. You are absolutely correct though – slavery has existed almost since the days of Adam and Eve, and it existed almost everywhere in the world with every race involved both as slave and as master. The black race is the only group that continues to cling to that history in order to perpetuate their on-going extortion racket. The fact that most of the slavery going on in the world TODAY is done by blacks is conveniently ignored – they are too busy cashing in on white false guilt.

    I recall a video about Muslims sailing to one of the Scandinavian countries and capturing large numbers of people to be sold as slaves. I’ll have to find that one again and post it.

    I tried to go to your link, but it came up with an error. I recall visiting your blog, but it doesn’t appear to be up any more.

  3. Sadly, Peterson is past his prime. Although he is still a great running back, he was extraordinarily better 3-4 years ago. He suffered fewer fumbles this past season, but in the NFC Championship game the season before, he coughed up the ball like 2-3 times. Is he worth more than $10 million a year? Possibly. The selection of good running backs is still considerably small. If he wins you games, then he will generate more money for the team. That being the case, pay him.

    As for his slavery comparison, it is extreme and inappropriate. I thought the Fark headline was perfect: “Adrian Peterson decries the ‘modern day slavery’ of the NFL as he returns to his job of picking cotton — or silk — sheets for his guest house”

  4. Wyandotte says:

    “Slavery” is relative. There’s outright slavery, such as that experienced by the black people in the western world as well as their own homeland. Then there’s girls having had to work like animals in the homes of their “betters” because of severe poverty, particularly in eastern Europe. For their efforts they would be routinely taken advantage of and impregnated by the man of the house, because the old lady wouldn’t be available due to religious rules. In my books, this is slavery.

  5. Lady Val says:

    Slavery is very specific. The case used above cannot in any way be slavery because the individual of his own will participates therein. He could walk away at any time (of course, there would be economic penalties if he has signed a contract) without being subject to being restored to his state of “servitude” against his will

    And, of course, we are all “slaves” to something. It is the rare being who is in such control of his or her life that there are no habits or circumstances to which that person is enslaved. Addiction – whether physical, mental or moral – is a type of slavery. I remember reading a wise person’s little post-it note on a bulletin board which said, “We must all serve someone. The only choice we have is whom we will serve.” And that’s quite true. So the very concept of being “free” is an illusion.

    As has been pointed out, there certainly were white slaves. Indeed, in colonial times, Britain preferred them because she didn’t have to purchase them. Irish, Scottish and Welsh “renegades” as well as Englishmen and women who chose the wrong side in various conflicts of power were a never ending source of cheap labor. However, the individual above chose to use the analogy – however flawed – because in our politically correct world, the worlds slave and black are forever wedded in an ongoing effort to destroy first all things “Southern” and secondly, all things pertaining to Western Civilization. So far I would say, the effort has been very successful. When a multi-millionaire who does nothing more than play a stupid and useless game for his wealth can actually use the analogy of slavery and not be shouted down by intelligent people, then, yes, the “race card” has triumphed.

  6. Choose you this day whom ye will serve

    As you said so well, we all serve someone or something. We have a choice to make. Choose wisely.

    The full text of Joshua 24:15 is:

    “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve ; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell : but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

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