Lost Causes

Why is the Lord of The Rings trilogy so attractive to so many of us? The reasons are many, but a big one is the theme that it shares with the War for Southern Independence – the idea of fighting for a Lost Cause. Anyone can join in on a sure thing. It takes no special courage or moral character to tag along with the stronger and more powerful – we see it every election cycle as candidates put forth enormous effort to prove that they are the front-runner in the race. People want to believe that they are backing a winner; it makes them feel like they are winners themselves. At the other end of the spectrum, we see those who rally behind “minor party” candidates and give their all for what appears to be a lost cause. For the past several elections, I have given my support for candidates of the Constitution Party – not because I believe that they will win, but because standing up for what you believe is the right thing to do.

It is the mark of a gentleman to stand for what is right, even if he stands alone. Those who pursue a goal because it is the right thing to do – regardless of the chances for “success” – are the men of true noble character.

“He affirmed that the revolution was predestined to succeed. I told him that for a gentleman only lost causes should be attractive…”
from The Shape of the Sword by Jorge Luis Borges

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