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Understanding what really happened during an historical event or period of time means looking through source material written at the time by people who were there. Too often, we rely on what is taught in the public schools from books written by those with a strong political agenda. That agenda almost always shows The North as heroic freedom fighters, while showing The South as … well, you know the story.

We have added a collection of reprints in PDF format that will be helpful to anyone wanting to learn history from those who were there. Following is a list of the documents that are now in the Confederate Colonel Resources collection:

A true vindication of the South.pdf
Abraham Lincoln – A History.pdf
Abraham Lincoln was he a Christian.pdf
Abraham Lincolns religion.pdf
An anthology of the epigrams and sayings of Abraham Lincoln.pdf
Black Republican Ideas.pdf
Class struggles in America.pdf
Constitutional problems under Lincoln.pdf
Crimes of the civil war.pdf
Democracy in America 1.pdf
Democracy in America 2.pdf
Facts and falsehoods concerning the war on the South.pdf
Frauds and falsehoods of the Republican party.pdf
History of an attempt to steal the body of Abraham Lincoln.pdf
Is Davis a Traitor.pdf
Karl Marx his life and work.pdf
Lincoln – Mott.pdf
Lincoln addresses and letters.pdf
Lincoln and prohibition.pdf
Lincoln the Freethinker.pdf
Lives and speeches of Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin.pdf
No Treason 1.pdf
No Treason 2.pdf
No Treason 3.pdf
Northern rebellion and southern secession.pdf
Political debates between Lincoln and Douglas.pdf
Political fallacies.pdf
Rebellion in the North.pdf
Richardsons defense of the South.pdf
Speeches arguments addresses and letters of Clement L. Vallandigham.pdf
The 15th Amendment.pdf
The Abraham Lincoln myth.pdf
The Britannica answered and the South vindicated.pdf
The Confederate Struggle and Recognition.pdf
The Negro problem.pdf
The Real Lincoln.pdf
The South vindicated from the charge of treason and rebellion.pdf
The Washington despotism.pdf
The four acts of despotism.pdf
The life of Abraham Lincoln.pdf
The life of William H. Seward2.pdf
The murder of Abraham Lincoln planned and executed by Jesuit priests.pdf
The real Lincoln from the testimony of his contemporaries.pdf
The soul of Abraham Lincoln.pdf
The truth about socialism.pdf
Truth of the war conspiracy of 1861-1.pdf
Truth of the war conspiracy of 1861-2.pdf
Unconstitutional Acts of the Present Govt.pdf
Was Abraham Lincoln an infidel1.pdf
Was Abraham Lincoln an infidel2.pdf
Was Lincoln a Christian.pdf
Was Lincoln an Agnostic.pdf
Will Canada be Lost.pdf

These reprints are available on the Resources page or by going to the Reprints section of Confederate Colonel. The source for these files is . We will be adding more as we find other useful documents. If you have other titles to suggest that report from a Southern viewpoint (there is no shortage of the “Northern viewpoint” already), please do so.

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5 Responses to Reprint Resources

  1. Colonel ~

    I’ve just taken a few minutes to look through a couple of the items listed in your post, apparently put up late last night – “Reprint Resources”.

    Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into this. While there are other listings on the web, this seems to be one of the best I’ve run across. I’m looking forward to spending some time in it and learning from it.

    Peter S. Kelley
    Mountain City, TN

  2. Corey Meyer says:

    Wait…I thought that the winners wrote the history? Hmmmmm! I guess this list of Lost Cause literature proves differently.

  3. Corey,

    You disappoint me, sir; you know better than that. While you and I are on opposite sides of the issue, I’ve always respected your writing (and even agreed with you once in a while). You’re wrong, but even intelligent people are wrong on some issues.

    These are not history books. They are accounts of those who lived during that time period (while many of these were written years after the war and “Reconstruction”, the authors experienced it first hand). When we speak of history being written by the victors, we are speaking of the “Monday morning quarterbacking” that puts the victors’ “spin” on the events. These would be considered the original source material that the history book writers should have been using and referencing and quoting from.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. R. E. P. says:

    I think I’ll have to spend some time poking around here. Thank-you!

  5. Old Rebel says:


    That was a gentlemanly and forceful response to Mr. Meyer.

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