Political Expediency

Watching Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry repudiate the Confederate flag is one of the least-surprising events of this election season. Changing positions, turning away from those who were once supporters, and an embarrassing amount of dishonor are all part of the American political scene. As one who has earned his living for the past 16 years with candidates and PACS as my customers (including being a candidate myself), I have had a grandstand seat at this game called politics. It has not been a pleasant sight.

Is the repudiation of the Confederate flag reason enough to reject a candidate for something as important and all-encompassing as the presidency? On its face – no, it is not; while it is important to many of us, given the problems that this nation is facing, the Confederate flag is pretty low on the priority list even for those of us who actively support The South. It is, however, grounds for crossing a candidate off the list if things like honor and dependability and reliability have any meaning. If he is willing to throw the heritage of Southerners under the bus in order to try to win additional support from the Left (and that is extremely doubtful), then what else is he willing to do? Will he stand up for what is right when faced with vocal opposition? If his flip-flop on the Confederate flag is any indication, he will not. That kind of political pandering to Cultural Marxism is clearly a deal-breaker for me as it should be for anyone who considers the character of a man to be more important than the details of his position on a particular issue. Even those who despise the Confederate flag would do well to consider the full ramifications of what Rick Perry has done. Their cause might be next.

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Born-Again Christian, Grandfather, husband, business owner, Southerner, aspiring Southern Gentleman. Publisher of The Confederate Colonel and The Southern Agrarian blogs. President/Owner of Adjutant Workshop, Inc., Vice President - Gather The Fragments Bible Mission, Inc. (Sierra Leone, West Africa), Webmaster - Military Order of The Stars and Bars, Kentucky Colonel.
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4 Responses to Political Expediency

  1. It seems to me these politicians are going about it the wrong way.

    By repudiating anything, they are showing themselves to be humbled by mass opinion, which is exactly what the right does not want in this election.

    It would be better to simply say, “Well, some people like that, and we’re all different kinds of cultures now, so I guess we’ll just have to ignore them if it offends us.”

    They’ve trained politicians to grovel and the result is that no one can ever respect them.

    Congratulations on your recent posts here. I hope not to turn your cheeks pink, but these are some well-written and information posts. I should comment more, to show that your readers are out here cheering for you from all over the world, but I often feel there is nothing left that needs be said and the last thing you need is me dribbling drivel into your blog :)

  2. Charlie D says:

    Anyone who refers to opposition to the Confederate battle flag as “Cultural Marxism” is a far right extremist who knows nothing about politics.

  3. Charlie D says:

    They need votes from moderates!!!! You idiot!

  4. For those who are wondering why I approve any comments from “Charlie D” – it is to illustrate the low caliber of those who take such pleasure in attacking us. I try to maintain a decent and respectable level of commentary here, but I also reserve the right to hold our critics to lower standards – in this case, much lower standards.

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