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princessmadeleineIn previous posts, I have mentioned my sympathy – and support – for some form of monarchy as being a good way of governing a nation and preserving its culture. Considering the current state of America, I think we can agree that the American “bright and shining city on a hill” is more mythology than fact.

There are, of course, many forms of monarchy. What comes to mind for most people today is an absolute monarchy where the king lives as some sort of cartoonish, villainous character as often portrayed in movies. I suppose there is an example of that somewhere in history, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. No, we’re talking about men and women who have been raised from birth with the objective of leading a nation; who understand the realities and the give-and-take of any leadership position; who are motivated not by what they must do to get elected and re-elected, but by a sense of duty and responsibility.

Do phrases such as “constitutional monarchy” or “libertarian monarchy” sound contradictory? If so, open your mind a bit and consider what America has become – and what might have been a better choice. Consider it an intellectual challenge rather than a political proposal.

The Mad Monarchist is a blog that I read regularly. Today’s post is titled Rebutting Republican Myths and is a good starting point for an open-minded look at how government works. The author addresses the following objections raised against monarchy as a form of government, and then rebuts them:

  • Monarchies are un-democratic!
  • Monarchies are too expensive!
  • Hereditary monarchy just isn’t fair!
  • Monarchies are dangerous! What if the monarch is incompetent?
  • Monarchy is an archaic throwback! It’s simply out of date!
  • What about cruel monarchs like Nero or Attila the Hun? Surely no benefits could be worth risking leaders like that!
  • Royals are too out of touch. They have no idea how regular people live.
  • At best, monarchs are unnecessary. A president could do just as good a job.
  • Monarchies must be bad or else there would be more of them!
  • Monarchs are so set apart, they cannot represent ordinary people.
  • Republics bring progress, monarchies only oppress.

Be sure to read the full Rebutting Republican Myths post.

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