Agrarian Societies and the Common Core Curriculum

Bill Whittle, of PJTV, makes an interesting point that tied the change from an agrarian society to an industrial society with the change from traditional education to the Common Core Curriculum. In this video, he points out that government tends to follow the model of society. When we had an agrarian society, we had a widely dispersed, highly decentralized government that pretty much left people alone to live their own lives. When we moved to an industrial society, government changed to reflect that shift toward a centralized, controlling system of government. Mr. Whittle used this to illustrate similar changes to the education system in America and the move to the Common Core Curriculum (a plan designed as a central propaganda system wrapped in a thin veneer of barely acceptable education).

While the primary Confederate Colonel interest in this video is the shift from agrarian to industrial society, he brings an important message about why Common Core must be opposed and stopped. For our part, we choose to home school and completely bypass the government indoctrination system.

In addition, this is a good time to point out another project that I am working on – The New Southern Agrarians. From the home page of The New Southern Agrarians:

What is Southern Agrarianism? Who were the Southern Agrarians and what did they believe? Does Southern Agrarianism have a place in today’s society? More importantly, does Southern Agrarianism show us a better way – a new path to take as we walk away from the rubble of a collapsed civilization built upon that which the Southern Agrarians warned us about? Those questions, and more, are what this web site hopes to answer.

The New Southern Agrarians is little more than what is quoted above at this time. It is, however, something I consider to be an important project and one that I will be working on.

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2 Responses to Agrarian Societies and the Common Core Curriculum

  1. stephen says:

    This arguably happened with the Industrial Revolution

  2. Agreed. In fact, the whole Southern Agrarian movement was basically a response to the Industrial Revolution and its tendency to view people as merely cogs in a machine rather than as living, breathing individuals. It’s why I was always uneasy with the term “Human Resources” for what used to be known as the “Personnel” department. “human resources” implies that people are just another resource to be exploited in the quest for more money – on the same level as electrical power and raw materials.

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